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The sound of Rillettes... or acoustic marketing!

The city of Le Mans is well-known for its expertise in three areas: the 24 Hours, pork Rillettes and Acoustics. Le Mans Acoustique is the acoustic skill centre associating the town's specialists in this field, who have worked repeatedly for the motor industry. But there was a particular sector that the acousticians had never listened to before: Rillettes. One company, Bordeau Chesnel, has now remedied this situation!

 The agri-food industry is today's guest of honour in front of the microphones in the anechoic chambers. Bordeau Chesnel, which is located at Champagné (72), engages in a continuous R&D operation, focusing its thinking on customer satisfaction. Keeping product quality and the consumption experience always in mind, the Sarthe-based brand is now turning to the local skills of the Le Mans acousticians to carry out a study of its Rillettes pots.

The research is conducted in the field of psychoacoustics, which examines the relationship between people's acoustic perceptions and the sounds of their environment. It is a subdivision of acoustics, the physical science devoted to the study of the nature and properties of sound waves. But it also involves the cognitive sciences, which explore the relationship between sensation and noise.

Le Mans Acoustique, a skill centre unique in France, federates a grouping of players in R&D, innovation, fundamental research and training in pursuit of a common objective: to raise awareness, nationally and internationally, of Le Mans Acoustique as a skill centre of recognized expertise. In an embodiment of the link between the worlds of industry and research, the motor manufacturing trade often resorts to partners from Le Mans Acoustique to carry out studies and develop innovative projects (for the acoustics of exhaust systems, sound insulation of the passenger compartment, perceived quality of door closing, reduction of noise from air conditioning systems, and more).

Among its various partners, Le Mans Acoustique has access to a cutting-edge R&D and Innovation technology centre: the Technology Transfer Centre of Le Mans (CTTM). For twenty-five years, forty experts have been working directly with companies to develop new products and optimize existing ones by measuring their acoustic properties and endeavouring to control them. It was at the CTTM that Bordeau Chesnel found the answers to its questions!