Study of interactions between sound waves and thermal waves. The thermoacoustic effect is exploited in thermoacosutic machines with two reciprocal operating principles:

  •  Thermoacoustic fridges and heat pumps, moving heat via the sound,
  •  Thermoacoustic engines that convert heat into work, e.g. into electricity.

Theme explored for a long time by the Laboratory of Acoustics of the University of Le Mans (LAUM), the CTTM started the transfer of this competence in 2021. Thermoacoustics is currently in the process of internal development, working on the modeling and dimensioning tools for thermoacoustic machines:

  •  Dimensioning of complete systems
  •  Experimental qualification of subsystems
  •  Optimization of machines
  •  Development of innovative architectures.


Study model of a thermoacoustic engine

Thermo-acousto-electric converter