Acoustic materials

Poro-elastic materials (foams, fibres, mineral wools, etc.) are the basis of nearly all methods of passive noise control and reduction, whatever the industrial sector involved.

We offer measurement of the characteristic parameters of porous materials (Biot-Allard parameters) on dedicated test benches:

  • resistance to the passage of air
  • porosity
  • tortuosity
  • viscous and thermal length characteristics
  • Young's modulus
  • loss factor

Once these parameters are known, our MAINE 3A calculation software enables prediction of the performance (insulation, absorption) of multi-layer solutions incorporating porous materials.

We also offer direct performance measurement of industrial products and solutions:

  • sound absorption of standing waves (ISO 10534-2)
  • sound absorption in diffuse fields (ISO 354)
  • transmission loss (ISO 15186-1, alternative to ISO 10140-2)


Example of foams

SEM photo of a foam