Psychoacoustics is the study of human perception of sound. This theme provides information on the client's experience. It allows the identification of physical parameters that explain a perceptual difference in listening. This process is called the objectification of perception.

The applications are varied and concern all fields of activity:

  •     Identification of an acoustic signature
  •     Customer experience (degree of preference, acceptability threshold, evaluation of noise annoyance, etc.)
  •     Perceived quality

Methods used :

  •     Statistical methods, with AI support
  •     Perceptual simulation (modification of spectral components via ANSYS SAS)

Listening test judge

Binaural sound recording

 Means available:

  •     Acoustic head
  •     Semi-anechoic room for sound recording
  •     Quiet room and open headphones for sound reproduction
  •     ANSYS SAS software