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In duct measurements

  •  Transfer matrix and TL (muffler, filter, flexible pipedurit, turbocompressor, etc.)

  • Surface impedance under grazing flow (aeronautic treatment)

  • Nozzle/jet noise

These services use a range of benches located in our walls and in the University of Maine Acoustics Laboratory:

  • Trained engine bench

  • Positive pressure system (750 kg/h at 500 mBar)

  • Modular bench (varied sources, tube diameters, cones, endings)

  • Benches with rectangular and round cross-sections (15x100 mm² and 20x50 mm²) University of Maine Acoustics Laboratory, up to Mach 0.45

Specific needs can be met (high pressure and temperature measurements, etc.)


Exhaust noise measurement

Remote microphone