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Surfaces and interfaces

Surfaces treatments

ISYTECH vacuum plasma

  •  Ar, O2 and N2 treatments
  •  Fluorination treatment (CF4)
  •  Other gases on request
  •  This equipment is located in the clean room (ISO7)

AXCYS atmospheric plasma with

  •  Spray system (deposit polymers in solution)
  •  Vaporization system (deposit precursors)

UV tunnel Fusion system corporation

  •  Wattage: 120 Watt/cm
  •  H and D lamps


Surface tests

OCA 20 Goniometer (Data Physics)

  •  Measuring contact angles (3 liquids)
  •  Calculating surface energies

Scanning electron microscopy with variable pressure (SEM) and X-ray detector

  •  SEMpv Hitachi 3200N
  •  EDS XFlash 6130 de Bruker


Technical data sheet (French)

 AFM, XPS, Field Emission SEM

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Isytech vacuum plasma
AcXys atmospheric plasma