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3D printing

With our network of partners we can respond to almost all requests in the area of 3D printing.

How you will use the final part determines the choice of technology and material. We are there to guide you in making this decision. We use our experience and your specifications. Depending on the process used, the prototypes can be made of:

  •  Polyamid 12, with or without fillers
  •  Epoxy resin
  •  Starch or plaster
  •  Polyurethan
  •  Wax, etc.

CTTM exploits its experience and know how in 3D printing for R&D goals :

  • Develop specific materials
  • Adapt 3D printing to processes
  • Transpose 3D printing techniques to new applications (e.g. medical applications for surgery)
  • Develop new processes