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Innovative Medical and Surgical Devices

The CTTM transforms ideas, research results and new knowledge into innovative solutions, products and devices for patients.

Treatment for bioartificial pancreas (Mailpan®)

With the CeeD and Statice companies, the CTTM has co-invented the macroencapsulation device for pancreatic islets or Mailpan® bioartificial pancreas.

The CTTM has developed, designed and now produces the semi-permeable membrane treatment that composes the device's structure

The treatment purpose is for the membrane to be implanted under the best safety and performance conditions:

  • Cells colonization control
  • Preserved porosity
  • Bioactivity: revascularization, limited inflammation

The CTTM is the co-founder of the start-up Defymed, which will carry on the clinical investigations and will sell the bioartifical pancreas.


"Research that has changed our lives". Report by Sophie Bécherel (France Inter)