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For your analytical needs

The CTTM makes available to you an entire range of skills and analytical methods, ranging from simple laboratory analysis up to a complete study that could combine several techniques. The CTTM can assist you in choosing the most appropriate techniques and in interpreting results.

The CTTM is ISO 9001 certified and therefore has a monitored range of instruments.

Physicochemical analyses :

  • Quality controls, release controls
  • Analyses according to standards or customized (raw materials, finished products, defects, etc.)
  • Deformulation, reverse engineering
  • Expert assessments
  • Experiments according to the ISO 10993-18 standard                            ISO 10993-18 Technical datasheet (french)
  • Extractibles and leachables

Microbiological analysis, in-vitro experiments

  • Test for antimicrobial activity and efficacy : ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801), ISO 20743 (JIS L 1902),...                                                                                                 ISO 22196 JIS Z 2801 Technical datasheet (french)                                            ISO 20743 JIS L 1902 Technical datasheet (french)
  • Bacterial adhesion tests
  • Evaluation of the action of microorganisms fungi and bacteria (ISO 846)
  • Test methods to assess the in vitro cytotoxicity of medical devices (ISO 10993-5)  ISO 10993-5 Technical datasheet (french)
  • Bioburden and sterility tests (ISO 11737)
  • Tests on antiseptics and chemical disinfectants (NF EN13727, NF EN 13624)
  • Customized tests or according to standards

Plate reader

List of equipment for materials testing (french)

List of standards for microbiological testing (french)

List of equipment for microbiological testing (french)