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For more than ten years, the RENAULT Group has awarded the CTTM, after audit, a Laboratory Self Accreditation. This certification is a guarantee of quality granted by the RENAULT Group, which recognizes the CTTM's skills in the qualification of elastomer compounds from its suppliers.


In terms of testing, the CTTM's scope of action covers :


  • Material validation for vulcanized rubber parts in accordance with the 30-00-118/--E standard issued by RENAULT,
  • The realization of the Material Reference Sheet for vulcanized rubbers according to the reference 00-10-420--K issued by RENAULT.


This know-how, which has been proven over many years within the framework of this recognition, enables CTTM to offer its skills in terms of qualification to all French and foreign car manufacturers.


You too can trust CTTM for the qualification of your elastomer-based compounds.

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